August 7, 2019

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It gives me great pleasure to welcome Dr. Jennifer Hammer-Codd to the practice. Dr. Codd is my daughter and she is a chiropractor. We are excited to have her join the practice. I am grateful to be in a profession that helps many regain and maintain their health. Dr. Codd's addition to the practice will ensure continuity and allow us to continue to provide the high level of service our patients have come to rely and depend on. I began my practice in Petaluma, 42 years ago, November 1, 1978. Many of my patients have asked me when I will retire. Even with my daughter joining the practice, I plan to continue to practice for several more years.

Dr. Codd is a Petaluma native who had a previous career in finance.  Being raised in a chiropractic household, she always had a deep rooted philosophy in natural health and healing. In 2011 she decided to pursue a career in chiropractic and received her degree from Life Chiropractic College West where she graduated with Honors in 2016.  In school she trained in a variety of techniques such as gonstead, diversified, drop table, activator, and toggle recoil. She also attended countless seminars in order to deepen her knowledge in specific chiropractic techniques such as knee chest upper cervical, advanced orthogonal, and neuro-emotional technique.  As well, she attended a chiropractic service trip to El Salvador during school. You may recall that after graduation she worked alongside Dr. Hammer for a year. In June of 2017 she decided to relocate to Woodland when she met her husband Jon, who is also from Petaluma. While in Woodland she worked for a Brimhall doctor and recently Jon and Jen decided it was time to move back to Sonoma County.

Dr. Codd believes in the body’s innate ability to heal.  Symptoms are a product of dis-ease (lack of ease) in the brain body communication system and pain is last symptom of dysfunction.  Many seemingly unrelated symptoms arise from imbalances in the spine and the nervous system and it is imperative to have a properly functioning nervous system in order to express health in the most optimal way.  She believes in treating the whole person from a functional approach in order to better serve and address the individual’s needs.

Dr. Codd incorporates a variety of techniques into her adjustments.  She uses leg checks and muscle response testing in order to detect the area of dysfunction.  She adjusts with instruments or by hand as well as other modalities to engage the body’s healing potential.   She is happy to be back and looking forward to serving our community.  

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