DNA Paternity Testing

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Accurate DNA and Drug Testing in Petaluma, Sonoma County understands that you are looking for accurate, fast results. Our courteous, compassionate staff will provide fast, confidential testing that meets America Associates of Blood Bank accreditations.

Private Test

The private paternity test in Petaluma, Sonoma County is a quick and economical solution that is perfect for families who are seeking the truth regarding paternity for personal information.

Useful for:

  • Families with lingering doubt
  • Adult children waiting verification
  • Families wanting to know before incurring expensive legal costs

legal Test

A legal paternity test is a conclusive, legally binding test that uses DNA to determine if a man is the biological father of a child. The primary difference between a legal paternity test and a private paternity test is the Chain of Custody, a documentation process used to ensure that the test results are legally admissible. Samples for a legal test must be collected or witnessed by a neutral third party with no interest in the test outcome. Persons who may qualify include ministers, child support workers, physicians, attorneys, and third party administrators. During the collection process, the individuals tested are positively identified through photographs or government-issued photo identification.

Useful for:

  • Child Support
  • Custody
  • Inheritance
  • Immigration

Before you decide to spend money online for testing, be sure to call Accurate DNA and Drug Testing for AFFORDABLE and QUALITY DNA testing!

Fast and Accurate, Results Confidential

We are sensitive to your testing needs and we are experts in helping you find a location for your collection needs. Many of the websites you find online quote a low fee. However, the fee does not include the onsite collection fee, and you may not be saving money. If you are in the Bay Area, we can do an onsite collection at your location for an extra fee, depending on travel time.

All immigration testing can be done and completed in this office.

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We can arrange for national and international collections. Call us for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DNA paternity testing?

DNA paternity testing (sometimes called parentage testing) uses DNA, the biological basis of inheritance, to prove or disprove the relationship between a child and an alleged father. It is based on the fact that we inherit half of our DNA from our father and half from our mother.

Who needs to be tested for paternity?

The mother, the child and the alleged Father. We can accurately complete a paternity test without the mother's sample, but this requires additional analysis and may take a few days longer to complete.

Is the mother always tested?

No, but if she is, the paternity test may take less time and provide for a higher level of certainty. When the mother participates, we are able to subtract her contribution to the child's DNA pattern before comparison to the potential father's pattern.

What will I need to bring to my appointment?

Adults must bring a photo ID, such as a driver's license, a Social Security card, a picture of the child, and payment for the test.

What about confidentiality?

Information of any kind regarding a case will not be released to anyone other than the tested parties and their named representatives without written order.

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