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Auto Accident Chiropractic at Hammer Chiropractic Office

person on phone after auto accidentNothing shakes your world like an auto accident. Whether you were in a low-speed fender bender or a high-speed collision, your body has experienced trauma that may turn into a chronic condition if not addressed properly. It’s essential to get checked out right away to make sure everything is aligned and functioning as it should.

At Hammer Chiropractic Office, we’re experts at helping patients recover from accidents and get their lives back on track.

We’ll focus on getting you out of pain quickly while also keeping your long-term wellness in mind so you can get back to doing what you love again.

Common Conditions We See

Even low-speed collisions can result in whiplash. You may have whiplash if you’re experiencing neck pain and stiffness, even if it started a day or two after the accident. We also see patients with herniated and slipped discs. The force of the crash can sometimes push one or more of the fluid-filled discs between your vertebrae out of place, causing significant pain.

Helping You Thrive Again

At your consultation, we’ll typically start with X-rays to determine the scope of your injuries. Our doctors will talk with you about the details of the accident and your injuries before building a customized plan of care to meet your needs. It may take a while to do a thorough assessment, so set aside some time for this first appointment.

Whatever type of pain you’re experiencing, Dr. Hammer and Dr. Hammer-Codd will restore your body to proper alignment through gentle, precise adjustments. Depending on your needs, we may also recommend other services, such as cold laser or ultrasound therapy.

It’s hard to predict how long recovery will take, since everyone’s situation is different. Our patients usually experience some pain relief after their first few visits and feel about 50% better after a few weeks of care. We accept MedPay. If you have a lawyer, we can also accept liens.

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We want to get you on the road to healing. Contact us today so we can help you in your recovery.

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